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Volume 10 Issue 1 (June 2016)

Analysis and Evaluation of Learning Outcomes in High School Chemistry Curriculum According to Revised Bloom Taxonomy

Seraceddin Levent Zorluoğlu, Aydın Kızılaslan, Mustafa Sözbilir


This study aims to analyze and evaluate high school chemistry curriculum learning outcomes according to revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Analysis of the learning outcomes were carried out at three stages. At the first stage, in order to set up a valid and reliable analysis a sample unit “Chemistry as a Science” from grade 9 was performed by the authors individually and then the differences between the individual results discussed to reach an agreement. At the second stage, the rest of the units were shared among the authors and analyses were performed individually. At the last stage, samples were selected among the analyzed learning outcomes from different grades and units then compared to see the concurrency of analyses among the researchers. Inter-rater reliability coefficient was calculated as .81, indicating an acceptable reliability. The results showed that although learning outcomes are dominated mostly by conceptual dimension all sub dimensions of the knowledge dimension are evident such as factual (25%), conceptual (59%), procedural (11%) and metacognitive (5%) knowledge. However, regarding the cognitive process domain of the taxonomy, the results showed that learning outcomes corresponds to remember (7%), understand (67%), apply (5%), analyze (20%) and evaluate (1%). As seen from the results majority of the learning outcomes are focused on understand and there is no learning outcomes for create dimension.

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