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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

Cognitive Modeling Competencies of Third-Year Middle School Students: the Reading Contest Problem



The purpose of this study is to reveal cognitive modeling competencies of third-year-middle school students with the help of the Reading Contest Problem. A qualitative research was conducted on a state school located in a small county of a big city in the Black Sea Region. After a six week preliminary study, the focus group included three students was selected among the classroom using criteria sampling strategies and then asked to work on the model eliciting activity of the Reading Contest Problem and the entire process was recorded on video. A written transcript was made of the video recording, after which the recording and the students' worksheets were analyzed using the Maaß’s cognitive modeling competencies. The results of the study revealed that students worked on only one of the five cognitive modeling competencies given in the problem, from understanding the real-world problem to validating the result. They showed different competencies on the others

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