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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

High School Students’ Graphing Skills of Trigonometric Functions

Kemal ÖZGEN, Neval AYGÜN, Hatice HAZANAY


The aim of this study is to identify skills of high school 10th grade students’ in graphing trigonometric functions. In this study, case study method which was descriptive method was used. A test consisting of five open-ended questions including graphing trigonometric functions was prepared. Data collection tools were applied to 48 randomly selected students who were educated in Anatolian high school. Descriptive analysis was used in the analysis of the data. According to the findings, it was determined that most of the students who participated in study succeeded in drawing graphs of basic trigonometric functions such as sinx and cosx functions. However, some students draw the graph of the function of such as sin3x, arctanx and cosecx which are derivated from sinx and cosx functions, were found to be unsuccessful. In addition, students’ skills of connection with graphical representation were to be low level. The students were not successful in drawing graphs of different functions other than the basic trigonometric functions such as sinx and cosx. It was determined that students couldn’t use enough graphical connection skills in drawing graphs of trigonometric functions. Teachers should give more importance to graphical connection in trigonometric function.

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