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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

Newly Appointed Science Teachers’ Perceptions About Concept of Entrepreneurship in terms of Knowledge and Implementation



The aim of this study is to determine perceptions of science teachers having 1-5 years of experience about concept of entrepreneurship. In accordance with this purpose, current research designed taking into account phenomenographic research method. The data obtained from 24 Turkish science teachers who working in middle school. Results show that a large majority of the science teachers participating in this research have been seen themselves feel medium-level in the matter of integrated the concept of entrepreneurship into science curriculum. Besides, it was found that perceptions of the science teachers about concept of entrepreneurship composed of general information. Moreover, it was determined to be quite limited the science teachers’ perceptions related to entrepreneurial characteristics. Depending on this results, it can be said that the science teachers need in-service training with respect to what the concept of entrepreneurship means, what entrepreneurial characteristics is, and how the concept of entrepreneurship will be implemented in science courses.

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