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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

New Trends in Science Education: Analysis of the Postgraduate Theses Regarding to Inquiry Based Learning

Fatma ŞAŞMAZ ÖREN, Kübranur SARI


The goal of this study was to evaluate the postgraduate theses regarding to inquiry based learning in science education. Document analysis was used in the qualitative descriptive study. Postgraduate theses used as data in the study were obtained from the database of the National Higher Education Council Thesis Center. In this database a two ranked browsing was conducted as ‘Concept’ and ‘Academic Unit/Discipline’. 59 thesis were reached related to the subject. In this study theses inquiry based learning are basically classified according to ‘learning products’, ‘learning areas’, ‘unit’ and ‘target groups’. According to the obtained results based on the subject, it is stated that in recent years there has been an increase in the number of completed theses on inquiry based learning. In the classification of learning areas of theses it was evident that the ‘knowledge’ learning field was more prominent in comparison to the other learning fields. When looking in terms of learning products it was determined that student success, attitude and science process skills are at the forefront. . In the classification of unit based of theses it was evident that the further work of unit of ‘the structure and properties of matter’ in comparison to the other units. It has drew attention that the postgraduate thesis about research based learning in the field of science education focuses more on science teachers' candidates.

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