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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

Perceptions of Teacher Candidates About Genetically Modified Foods

Süleyman AKÇAY


The purpose of this research is to examine the perceptions of genetically modified food by the teacher candidates in different branches in Turkey through metaphors. The study was conducted with 133 teacher candidates from three different branches. In the study "Genetically modified food ... looks like, because ..." data was collected with the sentence pattern. This study is a qualitative research in case studies. As a result, the teacher candidates produced 75 different metaphors. These metaphors are grouped under four categories. The category "threat" (68.4%) is in the first rank, "uselessness" (11.3%) is in the second rank, "advantage" (11.3%) is in the third rank and "need" (9%) is in the fourth rank. As a result, the majority of teacher candidates have no positive perception of genetically modified food. In addition, the metaphorical perceptions of the genetically modified food according to the gender and branches of the teacher candidates do not differ significantly. Studies aiming to reveal the reasons why teacher candidates have negative holdings against GDG can be done. Another research question is how the negative perceptions of the teacher candidates towards GDG are in teachers.

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