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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

Investigation of the Effects of the Use of Dynamic Geometry Software on the Teaching of Geometry Subjects to Visual Mathematics Literacy Perception Levels of Elementary Mathematics Teacher Candidates



The aim of this study, investigation of the effects of the use of Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) on the teaching of geometry subjects to visual mathematics literacy perception levels of elementary mathematics teacher candidates. Study of empirical research method was used from pretest-lasttest group semi experimental pattern. The research study group East Anatolia Faculty of a University Education Field medium-sized in Elective Teaching lesson field 36 math teacher candidate Geometry. As data collection tool (2015) by İlhan improved Visual Perception of Math Literacy Scale (VPMLS). Study found that teacher candidates from 14 weeks DGS in Cabri II Plus and trained using Geogebra software. The educational process at the beginning and end of the VPMLS pretest-lasttest, implemented as a pretest and dependent on whether they make sense of the difference between the average of the group using the "t-test" is deprecated. The result of the investigation, prospective teachers VPMLS pretest-lasttest scores showed significant differences in favor of the final test between. From research findings and results in similar fields made some suggestions to the researchers who want to work.

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