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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

Developing Three-Tier Conceptual Understanding Test Towards “Force And Energy” Unit

Barış ÖZDEN, Nilgün YENİCE


The aim of this study was to develop validity and reliability a three-tier conceptual understanding test to determine second school students' conceptual understanding towards “Force and Energy” unit. The developed test was applied to 280 students who are studying in 7th grade of three middle schools located in the central province of Aydın. A three-tier test consisting of a total of 96 questions was used in the study. Expert opinion was consulted for content and face validity of test. Furthermore, false positive and false negative score ratios were calculated for construct validity. In addition, statistical analyses were performed for construct validity; Kuder Richardson coefficient of test was calculated as .86. To perform item analysis, the top 27 % of the students and the bottom 27 % of the students were determined. The results of the analyzes revealed that the item difficulty values ranged between .17 and .69 and the item discriminability values were above .30. At the end of the study, a valid and reliable conceptual understanding test for the "Force and Energy" unit was developed.

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