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Volume 11 Issue 2 (December 2017)

Nature of Science in Teacher Education: A Holistic Approach

Ebru KAYA, Sibel ERDURAN, Selin AKGÜN, Büşra AKSÖZ


‘‘Nature of Science (NOS)’’ is one of the important research areas in science education. Erduran and Dagher (2014) reconceptualized Irzik and Nola (2014)’s “Family Resemblance Approach (FRA)’’ to explain NOS as an epistemic, cognitive and social aspects in a holistic way. Kaya and Erduran (2016a) developed the term RFN (Reconceptualized FRA to NOS) including some educational applications to integrate NOS in science education. This study is a part of a project including 14 weeks application on teaching NOS. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of the teacher education intervention based on RFN to the participants’ perceptions. 11 pre-service science and 4 pre-service chemistry teachers participated in the study. The ‘‘NOS Questionnaire’’ was developed in order to determine pre-service teachers’ pre and post perceptions of RFN categories. Interviews were also conducted before and after the intervention. The findings show that pre-service science teachers’ understanding of each RFN category changed and developed.

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